Techno-Cells - Solar Energy
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About Us

Our main goal is to provide photovoltaic panels, renewable and clean source of solar energy for home, industry and commercial uses.

We believe that's the best way to provide a sustainable development.


  • Photovoltaic Modules

    The photovoltaic modules consist of photovoltaic cells using semiconductor silicon (Si), one of the most abundant element on Earth.

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  • On-Grid
    Speed up urban development forces growing state, private investments on competitive energy supplies.

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  • Off-Grid
    Photovoltaic plants allows self-sufficiency in energy supply without emit greenhouses gases that causes global warming as avoid flooding large areas to build hydropower plants.

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  • Energy Audit
    Techno-Cells' energy auditory identifies how much, where and how energy has been consumed.

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  • Public Lighting
    Techno-Cells' photovoltaic kits for lighting poles and traffic signs kit saves huge logistics investments to bring out the electric chain in hard to reach areas or small populations.

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  • Water Supply System
    Clients urges to reduces costs on diesel to generators in face of pollutions restrictions or disaster relief regions can diversify its energy mix installing Techno-Cells' PV modules.

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition endorsed a blueprint to shut its nuclear-power plants by 2022....
A proposed renewable energy agency in Brazil may lead to more government incentives in the industry...
India may be able to produce electricity from the sun as cheaply as from coal and other fossil fuel-based power plants by 2017...