Techno-Cells - Solar Energy
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Energy Auditor

Techno-Cells' energy auditory identifies how much, where and how energy has been consumed. The main goal is to maintain a comparable level of service and customer value, while reducing energy usage through high-efficiency equipment and building design.

Beyond energy efficiency promotion, among advantages as increase equipment life and add value to corporative image based on saving greenhouses gases. Resource rationalization allows the company to increase investment budget on training, new equipment, among others.

Respecting all legal compliments defined in the Brazilian Energy Efficiency Law No. 10295/2001 and ISO 14001 consolidated by Techno-Cells can be used in presentations to public, private organs.

Living in a rapidly changing society, Techno-Cells share cases in universities, business school and offer training for interested on launch in energy efficiency as an active, productive and compromised to work.

Bring energy efficiency to all society is our goal.