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About Us

Our commitment to clean energy
Techno-Cells Inc. main goal is to provide photovoltaic cells, panels and energy audit in renewables and reducing the environmental impact as the best solution to provide progress and sustainable development.

Today we cell exclusively wholesale, proven products and provinding expert technical support high quality and a dealer network throughout Brazil. Techno-Cells produces a combine 60 MW of mono and multi cells, including 30MW modules.
Most extensive portfolio and services on the market
Techno-Cells offer photovoltaic cells, panels for systems installation on-grid and off-grid on demand for use in homes, industries, commercial establishment, stadiums, street lighting; ventilation and refrigeration systems; pump solutions, irrigation and milling solutions for rural areas; refrigerator system; energy audit service; Operation & Maintenance (O&M). Wherever you are, our team has solutions to integrate photovoltaic on or off-grid needs.

We sell all PV equipments, maintain and updates components. We are continually searching to improve our products to bring our customers the latest technology updates and a cost-benefit that nobody else can match.
Surprise and enthuse
We take pride in helping our customers choose the PV source. Our specialists are able to answer any questions about photovoltaic as implementation of energy efficiency initiatives.

Visit our website and discover how you can produce more without harming the environment. From off-grid isolated cities to major capitals, Techno-Cells Inc. offers the most advanced on demand in photovoltaic industry. The application of it technology and offered services ensures the commitment to rational use of natural resources.
More than a company
Providing renewable energy solutions is more than a business. It's a way of life. We propose a new lifestyle. Techno-Cells Inc. want to save the impact on the planet and the local environment. As happy as on the first day.