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Germany to shut down nuclear plants by 2022
German Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition endorsed a blueprint to shut its nuclear-power plants by 2022, repealing the law she pushed to extend the life of the reactors to become the biggest nation to exit atomic power.

German will spend as much as 200 billion euros ($286 billion) by 2020 to develop wind and photovoltaic power.

Merkel in March said she sought to accelerate the shutdown of Germany's atomic power plants following Japan's Fukushima.

Proposed agency in Brazil may offer incentives for clean energy projects
A proposed renewable energy agency in Brazil may lead to more government incentives in the industry. A bill that would create the new agency is being considered by the Senate's Comissao de Constituicao, Justica e Cidadania, after it was approved April 28 by another committee.

Creating a national agency to formulate clean energy policies would mark a "change in mentality," for Brazil's government, which seems to consider renewable energy "too costly," according to Maria Gabriela da Rocha Oliveira. The proposed Agencia Nacional de Energias Renovaveis would be responsible for formulating policies for solar, biomass, wind, marine and hydroelectric energy, according to the draft legislation. If it is approved by the committee, the bill will be considered by Brazil's lower house.
KPMG: Solar may equal cost of producing coal power by 2017
India may be able to produce electricity from the sun as cheaply as from coal and other fossil fuel-based power plants by 2017, according to KPMG. India may install three times as much solar capacity as the government intends by 2022 if sun-powered electricity is able to match the cost of conventional power, a point referred to as grid parity. The government has set a target of installing 22,000 MW of PV capacity by 2022.

Solar power prices are projected to decline by 7 percent a year in the next decade on more efficient technologies and lower manufacturing costs, according to data complied by Bloomberg.