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Be a Techno-Cells Dealer

Becoming a Techno-Cells dealer
An increasing number of companies are interested to work in the solar business. Given the accelerating interest in renewable energy, society and companies realized that it is necessary go greener to produce more, better and live comfortably.

Solar market reveals market opportunities in the emerging clean-energy economy. We are passing through a great economic period that urges investments to upgrade electricity grid supply. By the end of decade, our energy consumption expected to grow 63.9% in Brazil¹. In an effort to assist the demand quickly, our high radiation levels makes photovoltaic energy an attractive alternative.

Techno-Cells' authorized dealers - the only PV industry in Brazil - has the largest portfolio of products and services, at the highly competitive prices and the most advantageous markups in the market.
Your success is very important to us
Techno-Cells has know-how to teach you install the equipments

Our field engineers are on the first line to design solutions on demand for your client.

If you have interested to launch a solar dealership with Techno-Cells send us your resume.